When it comes to creating the most beautiful home in the world, floors play a decisive role. For Parador, it is their aim to make trends useable and in doing so to combine impressive designs with practical requirements of contemporary products. For this purpose they observe international market developments and customer preferences, because new products seldom emerge by chance in the field of interior design and architecture.

They are genuine, innovative, ambitious and sustainable. They want to fascinate people as a company and with our products. Their inner conduct is expressed in the success of our products. Their declared aim in this respect is: They make every home the most beautiful home in the world.

For Parador, living with a certain standard of quality goes hand in hand with the responsibility of conserving the planet for the next generations – and at the same time creating a perfect balance between the environment, social commitment and business.

Although we don't currently have any Parador products on our website, please feel free to call our team of flooring experts on 01284 752804. 

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