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Featured Brand - Dar Lighting

Dar Lighting is one of our largest suppliers for quality lighting at inexpensive prices. They produce innovative lighting products for your home, as well as commercial properties. Dar produce a huge range including LED ceiling lights, semi flush lights, bathroom lights, floor lamps and table lamps. Their in-house design team source world wide to ensure they are at the very forefront of design and material selection.

The lighting you choose can completely change the look and feel of your room, so it is important to choose the right items to fit your needs. Pick from our huge selection of Dar Lighting table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights – many are available online, but thousands more are available to order in store.

At Glasswells, we stock a massive collection of Dar Lighting products. The best part is, what we don’t have in stock, we can order in for you! Whatever your style or requirements, our in store experts will be on hand to guide you to the perfect products for your needs.

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orla kiely bed

Featured Brand - Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is an Irish designer now based in London, England. She began her career designing hats, and moved on to design work on handbags and a variety of other items including kitchenware and cars. She received a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art. She has worked with several companies, before setting up her own business with her husband.

Orla Kiely’s Stem pattern – in any of its versions & colours – is one of the most recognisable in the country, and her brand was one of the first to manufacture handbags in laminated fabric. The Orla Kiely Multi Stem print has been seen on items as diverse as stationary, linens, cars and furniture.
Her retro inspired prints are heavily 1970’s influenced, and bring a splash of colour into your home.

At Glasswells, we stock a massive collection of Orla Kiely products including bedframes, sofas, towels, bed linen and more. The best part is, what we don’t have in stock, we can order in for you! Whatever your style or requirements, our in store experts will be on hand to guide you to the perfect products for your needs.

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christy sloane towels

Featured Brand - Christy

The Christy brand story starts in 1950, when Henry Christy returned to England from Constantinople with a looped pile fabric sample (brand new to the Western World). He and his inventor brother studied the material, and a machine was created allowing terry towelling to be produced on a large scale.

One year later, the first batch of terry towels were on display at the Great Exhibition in London, with Queen Victoria herself ordering some!

In 1988, Christy became the official towel supplier of Wimbledon, and it is no surprise that the Christy towel used on Centre Court by the players has now become an iconic part of The Championships.

Christy’s knowledge of cotton, gained from 160 years in the business, means their bed linen is as well regarded as their towels. Their continual production of on-trend designs means they continue to innovate in their field.

christy carnaby stripe towels

At Glasswells, we have a massive collection of towels, bed linen and more. The best part is, what we don’t have in stock, we can order in for you! Whatever your style or requirements, our in store experts will be on hand to guide you to the perfect products for your needs.

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Baltimore Fabric

Featured Brand - Villa Nova

Founded in 1993, Villa Nova is a division of The Romo Group. Their team of dedicated in-house designers work tirelessly to create a set of vibrant, modern products that include fabrics, wallcoverings, and accessories.

Romney Fabric

Experts in Fabrics & Wallcoverings

Villa Nova creates distinctive and eclectic printed fabrics, decorative weaves, sheers, wallcoverings and cushions complemented by a spectrum of plain and semi-plain weaves. Villa Nova’s in-house design team identify trends that shape the look and feel of each launch. The team take inspiration from nature, art exhibitions and emerging trends in fashion. Their initial research takes the form of visual mood boards, collating colour and design inspiration to formulate the first concept ideas for a collection. A design usually starts with hand drawn sketches or hand painted artwork that is often manipulated and reworked to achieve a final design. Each design is developed further using our computer aided design system (CAD) to work out pattern repeats and different colour combinations.

Baltimore & Romney

At Glasswells, we have a massive collection of fabrics available for curtain making, upholstery, craft projects & more. The best part is, what we don’t have in stock, we can order in for you! Whatever your style or requirements, our in store experts will be on hand to guide you to the perfect products for your needs.

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Brand Spotlight - Bramblecrest Garden

The Bramblecrest brand began 1998 when two friends on their travels discovered a small Javanese pot factory & in Java. They were instantly impressed by the quality & selection. They took a gamble & imported some garden accessories to the UK to sell, and the rest is history!

These days, Bramblecrest has become a major name in outdoor living. They have a massive selection of quality garden furniture being sold in the UK, Europe & around the world.

Their garden furniture is manufactured to the highest specification using innovative designs & responsibly sourced materials. They are driven by the same high standards and values today. From factory to customer, environmental concerns and awareness are fundamental to their beliefs.

Now, Bramblecrest comprise a team of over 30 talented people, working from the Cotswolds in the UK. Their passion for design & quality craftsmanship are the guiding principles that have been with them from the start. This has allowed them to establish their reputation as one of the market leaders. in outdoor furnishings.

Glasswells are proud to work closely with Bramblecrest to provide the best & most contemporary outdoor furniture. And all of this at the best possible prices!

We stock a large amount of Bramblecrest garden furniture. Check out their selection of outdoor dining & sofa sets, parasols & bases, garden chairs & loungers and other outdoor accessories!

Need something to take away today? No problem! See the large selection of in stock garden furniture available. In addition, we have quick delivery options.

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Brand Spotlight - Woodpecker Flooring

Woodpecker is a family-run business with a heritage in the timber industry that goes back three generations. Their company was founded in 1975 by Bruce Ker - a skilled craftsman who loved teaching people how to work with wood. His son Nelson carried on the tradition, focusing the business on woodworking machinery.

In 2003, Nelson Ker took that huge reserve of woodworking and mechanical experience, & applied it to manufacturing high quality flooring. Understanding the different tree species, honing the grading process, & using centuries old techniques to expertly finish every floor – these are all skills our company has worked hard to perfect over the years.

Looking after the environment is important to them, so they only use wood with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forests) certification. By choosing their timber responsibly, Woodpecker flooring isn’t just beautiful - they can guarantee that it’s ethically sourced.

Selecting, stacking, drying, kilning, cutting and finishing – at every stage of the Woodpecker process they aim to produce the toughest flooring, which they back up with a 25-year warranty. The result is flooring that will bring a warm and radiant atmosphere your home now, & for many years to come.

Need help deciding on your flooring options? Visit one of our stores today! We have HUGE flooring studios with specially trained staff who will help you create your ideal floor for any room of your home.

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Brand Spotlight - Parker Knoll

This month, our spotlight is on Parker Knoll.
The business that was to become Parker Knoll was started in 1869 by Frederick Parker. Over the next few years the business steadily grew, as he began manufacturing furniture for the gentry & leading London retail establishments.
Larger premises were soon purchased at 16 Wenlock Street in London.

Frederick took pride in using the best of British craftsmanship to create the finest furniture. His father was a cabinet maker who passed his skills on to his sons. As Frederick expanded his family, 3 of his 7 sons joined the business as innovators & inventors.
To this day, Parker Knoll continue to lead the market in innovative designs & technology.

In the 1920’s, Parker’s sons met Willi Knoll. His revolutionary ideas helped to modernise comfort & transform the business.
The coiled steel wire spring developed by Knoll remains unchanged in many of their chairs today.

In the 1930’s, Parker Knoll became the first British company to advertise nationally in the UK. They created their Man-on-Spring advert & radical window displays.
In 1932 Parker Knoll chairs are chosen to furnish a large proportion of the BBC headquarters at Portland Place.
When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936, he was sitting on a Parker Knoll chair.

By the early 1960s Parker Knoll entered a new period of transition by deciding to increase mass production and the constructed a new factory in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire to enter the three piece suite market.
In 1976 Parker’s great grandchildren, Martin and Tom Jourdan, became the fourth generation to  lead the company.

In 1996, the company was named the number 1 furniture brand in the UK, and by 2005 the company had become part of Sofa Brands International Group.
Parker Knoll is truly a company that has reacted to one of the most trying periods in British history & come out stronger on the other side.

Parker Knoll has successfully positioned itself as a staple of British furniture quality and design, and continues to innovate to this day.

Joules Bed Linen

New In - Joules Bed Linen

The latest selection of Joules bedding will brighten up any bedroom with it’s hand painted floral designs, beautiful coastline prints and multi-coloured stripes.  Discover duvets, pillow cases, cushions and sheets all adorned with unique prints and with bespoke details.
A luxurious 180 thread count cotton makes this bed linen feel as good as it looks!

The Joules Mono Blossom duvet cover features a watercolour floral print in contemporary charcoal and greys. A pop of colour in the print and piping detail adds warmth to the room while a classic grey ticking stripe reverse adds balance.

Designed with a beautiful coastline in mind, the Joules Sailing Boats collection is a celebration of all things nautical. In crisp white and blues this print will add a breath of fresh sea air to any bedroom, no matter how land-locked you are.

The Joules Bright White Beau Bloom duvet cover features bold hand-painted in-house flowers in the brightest colours which are brought to life on a crisp, white background. If you’re a fan of florals then this one is the eye-catching bedding for you.

The aqua blue background of the Joules Aquarelle Beau Bloom is the perfect backdrop for this bold and beautiful hand–painted flower design. A contrasting grey geo print design to the reverse adds texture & interest. Add a big floral statement to the bedroom with this all-over hand-painted duvet cover. Bold, beautiful and designed to add just the right amount of colour to the bedroom.

Kylie At Home

With inspiration from her wardrobe, Kylie Minogue has created a range of bedding to suit the stylish sleeper. Whether you want a dark sultry range or more muted neutral, the quality of Kylie’s collections will leave you amazed.

This stunning bedding from Kylie At Home features rows of pleated velvet combined with a sumptuous ivory satin, offset with sparkling diamantes. Add the quilted crushed velvet Mirella throw, with its touch of sparkle. Velvet cushions in tones of grey, praline and smoke add to the moody, sophisticated style. This beautiful range would look great with the Anya Cushion.

Embrace your feminine side with the exquisite Darcey bed linen from Kylie Minogue. A myriad of tiny sequins traverse across delicate embroidery, set on soft oyster satin. This elegant design continues on to the throw and cushions; the latter enhanced with pearls and diamantes.

Set on beautiful petrol satin, the Kylie At Home Zita collection features a lavish panel showcasing hidden rose gold beneath delicate petrol sequins, creating a stunning two tone effect. For full-on glamour, the luxurious velvet and sequin Tala throw is a must, together with a selection of stunning sequinned cushions. The square diamond cushion in rose gold also sits perfectly with this range.

Add a touch of glamour to your bedroom with the Glitter Fade bed linen by Kylie At Home. Adorned with gorgeous sequins, it exudes class & elegance.

A delicate web of silver sequins spiral across a nude satin ground in the exquisite design of the Helene range. Keep the look ethereal with the Helene throw and cushions. The crushed velvet Modena in oyster and pearl velvet Belina cushions, each with diamante trims, further enhance this dreamy effect.

Brand Spotlight - Vispring

This month, our spotlight is on Vispring beds.
The origins of Vispring are at the turn of the 20th Century. English engineer James Marshall is working in Canada when his wife falls ill. He created a handmade mattress with coiled springs wrapped in muslin each enclosed in a pocket, with layers of horsehair. The Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company is created!
It’s not until 1901 that the company is incorporated & becomes Vispring = Vi being a reference to the amount of springs in each sewn pocket at this stage.

The quality & bespoke nature of their mattresses attracted the attention of cruise ships of the time, and the White Star Line ship ‘The Olympic’ was fitted with their products in 1911.
When they were developing its sister ship ‘The Titanic’ in 1912, each of its 39 suites & 350 first class cabins included a Vispring mattress.

In the mid 1920’s, Vispring introduced fillings other than horsehair. Cotton, silk & even cashmere were now included in their mattresses.

It wasn’t until 1932 that they came up with the worlds first pocket sprung divan. It was the perfect partner for their iconic mattresses. Vispring is still one of the world leaders for quality divan sets to this day.

Each mattress is made entirely by hand, to order.
This guarantees the quality & resilience of each item.
Choosing a Vispring could be the best decision you have ever made!

Vispring are so confident in their craftsmanship, they offer a Guarantee of Quality for the lifetime of your bed!
Buy your mattress or divan bed in a store with Vispring on display & you get the additional peace of mind of the Vispring Comfort Promise. You can exchange your mattress once, if the spring tension you have chosen is not suitable.
Browse our selection of divan beds & mattresses here, or contact us to speak to one of our experts.