The Christy brand story starts in 1950, when Henry Christy returned to England from Constantinople with a looped pile fabric sample (brand new to the Western World). He and his inventor brother studied the material, and a machine was created allowing terry towelling to be produced on a large scale.

One year later, the first batch of terry towels were on display at the Great Exhibition in London, with Queen Victoria herself ordering some!

In 1988, Christy became the official towel supplier of Wimbledon, and it is no surprise that the Christy towel used on Centre Court by the players has now become an iconic part of The Championships.

Christy’s knowledge of cotton, gained from 160 years in the business, means their bed linen is as well regarded as their towels. Their continual production of on-trend designs means they continue to innovate in their field.

christy carnaby stripe towels

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