We are proud to announce our new range, the Glasswells Home Comfort Collection of Carpets.

Curated from premium wool carpets and made in the UK, these ranges are renowned for their performance and colour.

Wool carpet gives the perfect balance of softness & durability, making it perfect for any home.

Why Choose Wool?

Keeping out freezing temperatures, rain and snow while cooling the herds in warmer months, wool is naturally engineered to create beautiful, durable and desirable carpets.

When it comes to sustainability, wool is an eco-friendly choice. Shearing sheep is an essential process for their welfare and this annual shearing provides a continuous supply of wool year after year, making it a totally renewable raw material.

Benefits of a wool carpet
  • Reduce heat loss, condensation & noise
  • Traps dust, improving air quality
  • Reduced tracking & shading
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Springy texture - naturally reforms after compression
  • Natural oils & scaled structure acts as a shield against dirt

St Edmundsbury Twist

An unrivalled colour bank of 120 colours across 5 qualities. Made from 80% wool & 20% nylon, these carpets have a fantastic combination of performance and design. All are produced from high quality 2 fold yarn to help prevent pile reversal, give improved appearance retention, recovery & resilience.

Woodbridge Velvet

A high quality, 1/10th gauge velvet carpet. Available in 60 gorgeous contemporary shades. The dense, 2 ply yarn used in this range gives the carpet exceptional durability and resilience, whilst retaining the style and comfort of a high end velvet carpet.

Melford Loop

Made from 100% pure new wool and being 3 ply it means this carpet will not pill or crush. The quality of the wool and the 3 ply construction gives excellent durability and resilience, with style and design for all areas of the home, including stairs. There are 3 styles across this range, bounce, brush and cadence so there will be a design to suit most interiors.

Lavenham Velvet

The ultimate deluxe carpet and softer spun to give it richness and style whilst retaining ultimate comfort. The make up is 80% highest quality wool and 20% nylon, meaning it has exceptional durability and resilience. Available in 3 qualities and 80 colours, choice is not something that is sacrificed.


We offer a personalised, professional service

At Glasswells we believe in making things easy for you and we’re proud of our expert team. Which makes our Glasswells Home Comfort Collection second to none. We offer exceptional guidance and advice, all by a trusted and dedicated sales team.

Pop into one of our stores and a flooring sales adviser will be able to talk you through your carpet options, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your home.


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