Be loud and proud with the Maximalist Trend this year in The Glasswells Winter Sale

An abundance of texture, such as furnishings and materials, can differentiate between a room and THE room!

Using rich bold colours to create a statement and perfect patterns of animal prints, floral or abstract within fabrics, curtains and lighting, really brings your room to life. Exquisite maximalist interiors are all about you and your personal style; be unique. Illustrate your personality in the most creative way.

Show off your accessories such as statues, books and artworks in display cabinets instead of keeping them hidden from view; these masterpieces deserve a standing ovation.

Here at Glasswells, we have all you could ever imagine under one roof at incredible prices with fantastic savings right now! So find the perfect maximalist products for you and your fabulous home today.

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The Gold Collection from Dar

This impressive Teisha table lamp from Dar, combining exquisite colours of jade, sapphire and emerald is a masterpiece in its own right and is a statement in any room within your home.

This exquisite lamp, featuring a smooth cylindrical base and tapered head with a royal animal motif print, is a must-have in your home to really bring your chosen room to life.

The blend of colour, along with the use of animals, really brings this lamp to life and it truly is one-of-a-kind. The vibrancy of the beautiful sapphire shade screams chicness and luxury whilst the quirkiness of the stand itself is the definition of maximalist.

The Gold Collection by Dar Lighting truly signifies the heavenly balance of contemporary style with traditional glamour and luxury. Each individual piece is designed to suit a range of interior schemes – providing the ideal opportunity to update your home your way.

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Teisha Table Lamp

Suggestions for the Perfect Maximalist Masterpiece Home

Nothing says statement like this print by Louise Luton. This incredible art work just screams masterpiece. Pinks, turquoise and yellows work harmoniously to produce an art piece suitable for any maximalist looking for that extra special decor.

Louise Luton Hugo Painting

This oil painting combines expressive colour with naturalism to create beauty.


Be unique this season with this incredible quirky table lamp. A unique combination of design and personality. This inspiring figurine combines luxurious textures, trendy colour palettes and contemporary lines to beautiful, chic effect.

Vintage Gold Kangaroo Table Lamp

This creative table lamp will be sure to add character to any room of your choice.


Emanating style and sophistication, this is a must-have This superb All Saints Double Hoop pendant light provides luxury with a sculptural ring design. Each piece of the frame is finished in a exquisite silver finish for a sophisticated display.

All Saints Double Gold Hoop Light Pendant

Complete with a stunning teal shade that would suit a variety of different room decors.


Come and talk with our experts who will ensure you find the perfect product to complete your look and style for you and your home.

With fantastic savings available right now, what are you waiting for?

So, visit your nearest Glasswells today and treat yourself with the most incredible, top-quality must-haves this year, for that extra something to add to your home!

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