3rd July 2018

Vintage Glasswells Adverts

Vintage Glasswells Adverts

Last week Mrs Coleman one of Glasswells respected customers came into our Ipswich store and gave us some vintage newspaper adverts that had been in her possession since the early 1960's.

We received them most gratefully as they are a snapshot in the long history of Glasswells, and are always interesting to look back on.

When we asked her how she came to be in possession of the adverts and why they had been saved for a considerable amount of time she replied:

When I was eight years old we moved to Derby, I loved to cut out and keep any photos of the Royal Family and if there was a Royal event I would keep the whole newspaper.  We moved to Ipswich when I was fifteen years old, I am now in my mid Seventies.  I kept all the old Newspapers for years, but four years ago we moved into a bungalow, and when you move you go through all your old stuff, I went through the old Papers and saw your adverts and thought how lovely they were.  We used to go to Glasswells in Bury St Edmunds before the Ipswich Store was built. So I cut the Adverts out, put them in a Folder and put them in a safe place, or so I thought,  but last week we were clearing our spare bedroom out and I found the Adverts and wanted you to have them, so dropped them in to you.”

She went on to say:

Glasswells is such a lovely Store, a caring family store and Ipswich hasn’t got many, if any, like it. I wish you all well, hope you have many more happy, successful years in Ipswich!

It was wonderful to receive them and they have now been put into the Glasswells archive for future reference. A big thank you from Glasswells to Mr and Mrs Coleman & family.

27th June 2018

Kaymed Factory Visit

Kaymed Factory Visit

Recently we were able to travel to Dublin Ireland to visit the Kaymed Bed Factory, along with their foam making plant. 

Making the memory foam is a complex chemical process, depending on a closely guarded recipe with a unique mix of ingredients. By changing the type and mix of ingredients there are a large number of foams that can be created. Each type is a different density, with a different recovery speed. 

Kaymed run the foam plant for around an hour a day. The ingredients are mixed onto a moving conveyor belt, which within 30 seconds makes the foam expand to a depth of 1.5m. The foam is run continuously for the hour, and different coloured dyes are added to differentiate between the types of foam. The large blocks of foam are cut and left to cure for 24 hours. 

A huge volume of foam is created in this short period of time, and it is used in Kaymed's beds, and also sold to other suppliers. Kaymed use this foam for their memory foam mattresses, and shape it for use in cushions. 

It was clear from our short visit that the bed factory had quality at the heart of everything it does. The components they use are sturdy & well-constructed, and the mattresses are designed to support many different weights. Every day's production is delivered the following evening, and the factory has 3 shifts over 24 hours, ensuring production is never disrupted. 

It was evident that a lot of thought and expertise goes into making a Kaymed product, and the resulting bed will last a long time and give superior comfort.

20th June 2018

Richard's Retirement

Richard's Retirement

Richard retires after 50 loyal years of service at Glasswells

A Glasswells’ employee, who started working at the home furnishing superstore straight from school, is retiring after 50 years of service at the renowned family company.

Richard Ball has been reflecting on his five decades at the Bury St Edmunds company – which has included more than 14 different roles in eight different stores.

Having started as a Saturday boy at Glasswells’ original shop in Brentgovel Street in 1968, Richard has managed stores across the region including Saffron Walden, Sudbury and Norwich, and was invited to join the board of directors in 2012.

As he prepares to leave his position as buying director, Richard, 65, said: “I think the time is right to retire, but I will be leaving with mixed feelings as I have loved my time at Glasswells.

“I remember leaving school in Bury on the Friday afternoon and then starting full time at Glasswells the next day, after seeing a job advert in the Bury Free Press.

“It has always been a family business with strong family values. Paul Glasswell is actively involved in the running of the business, as was his father Leslie, and the fact they care so much is one reason why it has been a great place to work.”

Richard explained that the different jobs he had occupied at Glasswells was one reason why he never looked to move on.

He said: “That is absolutely why I have stayed here so long. There have always been different roles and paths to follow and it has been great to have so many different opportunities.

“I think the biggest change I have seen was when we moved our headquarters and main store to Newmarket Road.

“It was like a whole new world being able to offer so much all under one roof while still retaining the same High Street values and standards.

“What has never changed is the relationship and loyalty we have built with customers.”

Paying tribute to Richard’s commitment to the company, Paul Glasswell, managing director, said: “Richard’s adaptability has played such a big part in the success of Glasswells.
“He has always shown great willingness to take on a new role, even if it might have been alien to him in the first place. He has then used all his experience to become an expert in that role. He has gained an awful lot of respect over the years from his colleagues and we wish him all the best in his retirement.”

14th June 2018

Glasswells £500 Competition Winner

Glasswells £500 Competition Winner

Congratulations to Susie Howard who is the latest lucky winner of one of our competitions!

Susie entered the competition in our Spring Sale brochure, answered a simple question, and won herself a huge £500 Glasswells voucher to update her home in 2018!

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1st June 2018

Suffolk Show 2018

Suffolk Show 2018

Glasswells had another great year at the Suffolk Show in Trinity Park Ipswich, which took place on 30th & 31st May 2018.

The show is the largest two-day visitor experience in the county & a unique celebration of the things that make our county great, showcasing the best of Suffolk's food, agriculture & farming. 

Glasswells are proud sponsors of the Garden & Flower Experience at the Suffolk Show again this year, showing just some of our extensive range of garden furniture & accessories (below). 

We also ran a prize draw on both days of the Suffolk Show, giving visitors the chance to win one of 3 different prizes (pictured below). 
The winners have been chosen, and are as follows:

1st prize – Monterey Double Hanging Cocoon
**Susan Hutchinson from Newmarket**
2nd prize – Solar Suspension Chair
**Rebecca Carter from Colchester**
3rd prize – Green Egg Chair Set
**James Frostick from Colchester**

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to everyone who took part! 

21st May 2018

Suffolk Show Ticket Winners

Suffolk Show Ticket Winners

We recently ran a competition in our Bury St Edmunds & Ipswich stores to win two pairs of tickets to this year's Suffolk Show, with member's parking. 

Congratulations to Donna Monk and Hayley Reynolds who are the two lucky winners!

Glasswells are proud to once again be sponsoring the Garden & Flower Experience at the 2018 Suffolk Show.
Join us in the marquee for the duration of the show for a chance to win one of 3 garden furniture prizes!

20th April 2018

Paul Glasswells 60th Birthday

Paul Glasswells 60th Birthday

Today the staff of Glasswells, along with members of his family, gathered in The Place To Eat Restaurant in Bury St Edmunds to toast the 60th birthday of owner and Director Paul Glasswell.  

Everyone celebrated with drinks & birthday cake with a golf theme - his favourite past time! 

Happy Birthday Paul, many more to come!

1st March 2018

Feefo Gold Accreditation 2017

Feefo Gold Accreditation 2017

We are delighted to announce that we are one of the hard-working merchants who have achieved Gold Accreditation through Feefo, the independent and trusted ratings and reviews platform.

This accreditation remains unique in that it is based on the experiences of purchase verified customers.We have been accredited because of feedback left by our customers over the course of 2017 and our consistently high scores in customer service throughout the year.

As stated on Feefo's website:

"What is the Feefo Trusted Merchant accreditation?

The accreditation recognises the hard-work and excellent customer service that merchants consistently deliver, in the eyes of their genuine customers. Businesses that meet the criteria, have been accredited as either a 'Trusted Merchant' or a 'Gold Trusted Merchant'.

Additionally, this year sees a new accreditation, Feefo Commended, which identifies the fantastic work that some merchants deliver, but for fewer customers. Feefo Commended Merchants display a constantly high level of customer service over a greater period of time, but don't necessarily achieve the high volume of responses required for Trusted Merchants.

How are the Feefo Trusted Merchant accolades calculated?

The Trusted Merchant award is only available to Feefo merchants, and based upon the data received over the duration of the previous year. For 2016, to become a:

Gold Trusted Service 2018 award - a business must have collected at leats 50 reviews in 2017, and achieve a rating of at least 4.5/5.

Trusted Service 2018 Award -  a business must have collected at least 50 reviews in 2017, and achieve a rating of between 4-4.4/5. 

The ratings and reviews collated by Feefo are verified via sales data, which ensures that only those customers that have genuinely completed a transaction with a business are invited to provide feedback. This makes the annual Trusted Merchant accreditation highly desirable and well respected, as it is based upon the views of customers and not industry judges."

We are very pleased to have met Feefo's high standards, and hope to continue the trend this year!

14th February 2018

Long Service Award - Robert Mead

Long Service Award - Robert Mead

Glasswells proudly presented Robert Mead with an award for 40 years of service at our annual dinner and dance at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 10th February.


Robert joined the Saffron Walden branch in March 1976 and has grown to be one of the family firm’s leading flooring sales consultants. He runs the branch’s successful flooring department, providing a full service from visiting homes to measure and give estimates, to organising the installation and providing advice to customers that come in to store. Paul Glasswell, Managing Director, explained “Robert is a genuine carpet and flooring expert. He is superb in his rapport with customers and his performance from our Saffron Walden flooring department is really rather remarkable, he is truly masterful at making the most of every opportunity that presents itself. He is a wonderful, cheerful man and we have been so lucky to have him working for Glasswells for all these years.”

Robert will be celebrating his milestone at Glasswells with a weekend away at Donington Park’s Download Festival in June.

Paul Glasswell concluded, “At Glasswells, we pride ourselves on the knowledge, experience and exceptional customer service that our staff can offer our customers; that is what sets us apart from other retailers and makes us the number one home furnishings store in East Anglia. Our long serving staff list is really rather extraordinary and it’s very satisfying for myself and the family that so many of our colleagues have enjoyed being at Glasswells for such large parts of their working life.

24th January 2018

New Displays - Bury St Edmunds Store Update

New Displays - Bury St Edmunds Store Update

We have had three rather exciting structures installed in Bury as part of the ongoing refurbishment project.

Each has been custom made to our own design.

Located in the centre of the showroom, the first is a curved open framework spanning over six metres and echoing the existing feature in the ceiling above.
Fabricated from lightweight aluminium and powder coated in a matt black, the shelves are a combination of laminated MDF and Perspex on which select
merchandise can be displayed.

As an added highlight, the original defunct lights above have been replaced with LED strips which, at the flick of a switch, can change colour to reflect in store
promotions or a specific theme. Together they entice our customers to move through the showroom whilst creating an attractive area for our more expensive
leather upholstery.

The second is again an open structure accessed from both sides, but this time designed to house a selection of our alternative dining chairs. It bridges two
columns en route to the Restaurant and breaks up a run of light oak furniture. Constructed from birch ply it is laminated on the face only so that the lamination
acts as a decorative feature. LED lights are inset and the scratch resistant Formica surface means that the chairs can be pulled back and forth and lifted down
without consequence.


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