Dining rooms are for comfort. Comfort food, good conversation and good friends; so, the modern dining room furniture you choose needs to have warmth and be comfortable for your family and guests to enjoy great social evenings and memorable family occasions.

The perfect 2019 dining room will feature soft warm tones with the feel of natural wood, reclaimed timbers, pale oak and smooth glasslike surfaces, with beautifully upholstered chairs, deep buttoning and curved corners. Shades of bark and berry with accents of silver, pale grey, vanilla, rustic oak and country-style elegance.

How to achieve the perfect dining room

Achieving that country-style kitchen, whether in a town house or new build, is easy with the Cottingham range. Each table has a unique patina from recycled timbers, carefully oiled for a unique finish in a style reminiscent of Brittany or the Loire Valley. The extending tables are a godsend for special occasions and family visits. Set them off against walls painted in soft lilacs and greys with accent accessories in navy blue or shades of plum.

Simple shapes are on-trend

This year’s trends have shown a resurgence of Art Nouveau style, and this is reflected in dining chairs with tall rounded backs, like our ENKA dining chairs with unfussy seats and nostalgic fifties’ style round wood legs in a painted or oiled finish. These chairs are light to carry and look just as good in the living room or in the bedroom when the visitors have gone.

Accessorise with some modern dining room furniture like the Dexter range. The Dexter Bar Stool is a very comfortable chair, with a circular seat and circle lumbar support that will look great in a home office or teenager’s room, until you need it in the dining room when visitors arrive!

For a more luxurious look, try the every-popular Stag Crompton button back dining chairs with vanilla painted wood legs, or the Langham luxury buttoned chairs with polished oak legs that are so easy to relax in, that you won’t want to leave.

Dining room Ideas

Patterns and textures are all understated this year with a hint of ‘Scandi’ for effortless style. Tactile materials such as natural wood, wicker and clay ceramics create sculptural dimensions that set off the clean lines of the furniture. Take a look at the Montecarlo range which does this perfectly. Designed in Italy, this futuristic range features a high gloss finish with silver chrome accents. The extending table has the look of a piece of sculpture and the lumbar support shaped chairs with high backs in pale vanilla, have black accents that blend the vintage shape with its futuristic design.

Bygone Classics are Back

Check out the latest Ercol designs for dining rooms in their signature natural wood, but in sun-drenched shades of pale oak, and neutral greys, for a calming colour palette with harmonious shapes. The elegant lines of the Teramo chair backs will look fresh in any setting, providing a retro-fusion of charm and quality. You just can’t beat those classic shapes which will enhance a country cottage just as easily as a Victorian town house or new-build. The upholstered seats look great in honey shades that enhance the cool painted wood or oiled pale oak finish. Why not add a statement geometric wall hanging or painting to complete the look?