Staples Beds

On 3rd January 1895 Ambrose Heal purchased the United Kingdom rights to the Patent taken out some three years earlier by John Atkinson Staples of New York, USA, for 'Improvements in Support for Upholstery Springs', thereby starting a revolution in mattress making and founding a Company which was to be synonymous with quality and service to the present day.

In 1926 Mr. Harold Heal commissioned the designing and building of the factory which has since become one of North West London's best known landmarks...'Staples Corner'. In fact the northbound flyover section was officially opened in 1976 by the Chairman, Mr Robert Heal.

In 1932 a Royal Appointment was granted by King George and has been graciously renewed by each successive monarch including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Staples beds played their part in British history. During the World War II speciality Staples beds were required, including one for the Prime Minister Winston Churchill for whom a sound night’s sleep was essential; later a similar model was ordered for his home at Chartwell.