Get Summer Ready

Infusing Vibrancy Within Your Home

Introducing colour into your home for the summer season is an exciting way to refresh your space and embrace the vibrant energy of this time of year. By incorporating bright hues, you can create an inviting and energetic aura that uplifts your mood and evokes a sense of joy; welcome the summer spirit and let your creativity shine.

Dive into Oceanic Blues

Capture the essence of summer by incorporating shades of blue throughout your home, to build a sense of calmness, serenity, and tranquillity. Blue is a versatile colour that can work well in various design styles, from coastal and nautical themes to contemporary and traditional aesthetics. Consider adding a striking blue statement furniture piece to stand out as a statement piece and create that ‘wow-factor’.

A stylish sofa collection such as the Alice can become an eye-catching element that brings an element of surprise and playfulness, especially when paired with complementary colours such as yellow and orange to result in a cohesive look.

This range is the height of luxury with its chic rich colouring and printed velvet scatter cushions, that will suit every space. With a matching chaise and armchair, these statement pieces will not become a focal point and conversation starter, but will also add a splash of colour to your space and express your personality. 

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Alice Sofa Collection

Impress with Fabulous Florals

Pretty floral motifs can inject a sense of fun and personality into your space; producing visual interest, breaking up monotony, and adding a lively touch to your décor. Adding these delicate prints to your interiors in summer is a wonderful way to bring a fresh, vibrant, and elegant charm to your home.

The use of floral fabrics for curtains, drapes, or blinds can deliver a soft and whimsical touch to your windows. With over 1000 fabrics to explore in store, you are certain to find the perfect choice at Glasswells.

Our made-to-measure service is the perfect choice if you desire a fabulous backdrop or focal point for your interiors. Be confident in your choice and experience the touch and feel of each fabric individually, with our huge selection of designer fabrics, from the likes of ILIV and Voyage.

Our experts are able to provide invaluable knowledge to help guide you to make the perfect decision based off your needs. Why not book a free in store consultation with our experts today and take the first step towards bringing your window dressing dreams to life?


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Special Order Fabrics for Made to Measure

Invite Sunny Shades of Yellow

Nothing screams summer more than the lively tints of lemon. Integrating gorgeous shades of yellow can be a great way to ascertain warmth, cheerfulness, and a vibrant energy to your living space. Pairing this colour with neutral tones like white, grey, and beige, as well as complementary colours such as blue and purple are sure to impress, brightening your room and creating a welcoming aura.

By incorporating yellow within your curtains you can bring a cheerful touch to your space immediately, instantly changing the dynamic of any room within your home. Hanging a gorgeous pair of yellow curtains or ones that display beautiful yellow hues, will instantly create a focal point in the room and produce a warm glow, enveloping itself within your surroundings.

From leading brands including Orla Kiely, Voyage, and more, you will definitely establish a joyful ambience to your home without having to compromise on style.


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Orla Kiely Trio Stem Readymade Curtains Ochre

Welcome Elegant Whites

White within any setting can bring a sense of elegance to the space. As a classic and versatile colour, white enables you to seamlessly blend different colours, patterns, and textures. Often associated with minimalist or Scandinavian design styles, white furniture offers a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, which contributes to a sense of calmness and simplicity, allowing other design elements and accents to take centre stage.

At Glasswells, our huge range of white bedroom furniture is sure to impress, creating a bright, airy zone. The Alaska White Bedroom Collection is perfect for creating a warm and tranquil environment. With a contemporary feel, this range will complement both a traditional and modern bedroom setting. Refresh your home with the stunning yet minimalistic Alaska collection at Glasswells and wake up in a serene oasis every morning.

Shop Alaska White Collection

Alaska White Bedroom Collection

Dare with Fiery Reds and Oranges

Elevate your kitchen and dining space with the gorgeous Volcanic and Cerise ranges from Le Creuset, offering quality and style in abundance. Fiery red and orange furnishings can introduce energy and warmth to your space; both are bold and attention-grabbing colours that initiate a stimulating atmosphere.

Choose from a huge range of matching products, including salt and pepper mills, kettles, espresso cups, egg cups, dinner sets, casserole dishes, roasters and so much more. Such a varied offering enables you to bring colour to every stage of your cooking experience, as well as extending the colour you only get with Le Creuset to your dinner table.

Swap out plain dishware for striking kitchenware, showcase a fruit bowl filled with vibrant produce as a centrepiece and enjoy years of happy dining. Create the energetic atmosphere you desire this summer, with sensational sunset shades that evoke a sense of the scorching heat of summer days.

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Le Creuset Cerise Range

Harmonise with Soft Greens

Welcome the lushness of nature with glowing shades of green that reflect your personal style and bring a sense of harmony to your space, reminding you of the beauty of nature. Adding soft green kitchenware can transform the appearance of your area without having to completely redecorate.

Our pastel green Smeg collection at Glasswells, which includes kettles, toasters, mixers, and coffee machines, displays a retro eye-catching look, yet has been designed to meet the needs of modern living, with the key qualities of durability, usability and safety in mind.

This stunning range is not only going to bring retro sophistication to every stage of your cooking experience, with an ease of use and excellence in performance, but will also generate a fresh and soothing atmosphere within your kitchen. Discover the range today and create an aesthetically pleasing space that brings you comfort and peace with every use.

Shop Smeg Pastel Green Range

Smeg Pastel Green Collection

Capture the essence of the season; infuse your space with vibrant hues and establish a space that radiates happiness and positivity.

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28th June 2023

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