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Engineered Wood

To the eye, engineered wood flooring has all the natural beauty of solid wood; intriguing textures, rich colours and beautiful wood grain.

However, the boards are constructed in a way that makes them more versatile, and more practical in today’s home.

Engineered wood flooring is composed of multiple layers of timber stuck together and then finished with a layer of hardwood lamella. This type of wood flooring is seen as an appealing alternative to solid wood flooring as it looks similar, but is able to withstand high levels of moisture and fluctuations in temperature, making it an ideal flooring solution for underfloor heating.

At Glasswells we have the very best engineered wood flooring options available, including top brands Woodpecker and Furlong. So, from Scandi-inspired bleached Oak boards to rustic designs, there’s something perfect for every home.


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At Glasswells we know quite a bit about wood flooring, our experts are very experienced and will help make the perfect choice. Wood flooring adds a clean, fresh look to your home. There are a variety of other types of smooth flooring available, which each affect the appearance, feel, and importantly, performance of your hard flooring choice differently, so download our guide today to find out more.


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