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Our Story

1951 - 1953

bold steps forward


Over the years, Glasswells expanded its reach. Between 1951 and 1953 new shops were established in Haverhill and Saffron Walden, solidifying their presence in the region.


new ventures


In 1955, Glasswells made significant progress with the establishment of the Tollgate Warehouse development, establishing their entry into the field of home removals and setting the stage for future expansions.

1962 - 1992

the household name


From 1962 to 1984, Glasswells experienced an impressive development phase, opening new shops in Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Sudbury, Norwich, and Braintree. These new locations allowed Glasswells to cater to a broader customer base and strengthen its position in the market.

In 1992, Glasswells reached another milestone with the opening of a new destination store, World of Furniture, in Bury St Edmunds. This store, accompanied by the Place to Eat restaurant, provided customers with a comprehensive shopping and dining experience.

1995 - 2002

broadening horizons


Expanding further, Glasswells opened a new showroom in Martlesham Heath, Ipswich in 1995. This extension marked their growing regional presence and commitment to serving a wider customer base.


efficient growth


In 1999, Glasswells focused on enhancing its commercial storage capabilities with the development of the Kempson Way Warehouse in Moreton Hall. This investment paved the way for increased efficiency and growth in their storage operations.


seamless shopping experience


The year 2002 brought a significant expansion to the Glasswells Bury St Edmunds store, with an extension creating an impressive 100,000 square feet of retail space. This expansion enabled accommodation for a wider variety of products and the opportunity to provide customers with an even better shopping experience.


new development


In 2008, Glasswells further expanded its operations by opening a new home department store at the Orwell Retail Park in Ipswich. These strategic moves solidified their position as a prominent regional furniture retailer.


the digital age


In 2012, Glasswells embraced the digital age by launching its online shop, This online presence allowed them to reach a wider audience and offer products and services to customers beyond the physical stores.


going green


In 2014, Glasswells demonstrated their commitment to sustainability by investing in nearly 1,000 solar panels, as part of their broader initiative to go 'Green', showcasing their dedication to reducing their environmental impact.


amplifying demand


A significant expansion took place in 2015 at Glasswells Kempson Way Warehouse as a mezzanine floor was built, extending the Kempson Way Warehouse to 80,000 square feet. This increased the available storage capacity and permitted Glasswells to cater to the growing needs of their commercial storage clients and prospective customers.


fresh look


In 2019, Glasswells initiated a £1 million programme of store enhancements at the Bury St Edmunds showroom; fully refurbishing the flooring department and Interior Design Centre plus a new contemporary, open plan Reception area. These enhancements aimed to provide an even better shopping experience for their customers, allowing inspiring displays of a comprehensive range of products in a wide variety of styles. This helped Glasswells maintain at the forefront of the industry.


75th anniversary


2021 marked a significant milestone for Glasswells as they celebrated their 75th Anniversary; a remarkable achievement which highlighted their enduring presence and reputation as a trusted family-run business.


commercial storage


Glasswells announced in 2023 an expansion of the commercial storage facility to meet popular customer demand. The extension added 2,000 pallet spaces and provided an extra 20,000 square feet of storage space, further strengthening their capabilities and customer offerings.

Present Day

bright future


Glasswells continues to thrive as a prominent furniture retailer in Suffolk, with its extensive selection of products and services, plus its strong presence in-store and online. Their rich history and commitment to excellence have made them a trusted destination for home furnishings, constantly striving to provide a first-class customer experience.

75 Years of Success

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