Open Coil Mattresses

Open coil spring mattresses are the most popular. Coil springs are arranged in rows and are connected together at the top and bottom, with a firm wire border to give it a firm edge.

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Myers Elara Comfort 650 Mattress
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Myers Elara Comfort 650 Mattress
The Myers Dreamworld Elara Comfort 650 mattress offers a double layer of super responsive springs to give more support. Soft touch knitted fabric with a pillow soft quilting for extra luxury ensuring a perfect nights sleep. Dual responsive open coil mattress Pillow soft quilting Easy care, non-turn mattress Bedstead friendly Medium-Firm mattress Made in the UK  Tension Support Rating The...
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Sweet Dreams Allergy Guard Mattress
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Open Coil
24CM Depth
Sweet Dreams Allergy Guard Mattress
The Sweet Dreams Allergy guard mattress is exclusively made and supplied to Glasswells. It is specially made with multiple non allergic layers of filling, with 2 vents and 4 handles to make moving the mattress easier. Open coil mattress Non-turn mattress Non-allergenic  Tension Support Rating The tension rating displayed (i.e. SOFT, SOFT-MEDIUM, MEDIUM, MEDIUM-FIRM, FIRM, FIRMER)...
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