With spring now here, it’s time to say ‘out with the old and in with the new’ and add some fresh home accessories to brighten your rooms just in time for the warmer and lighter weather. Give your room the cheerful burst of colour it deserves and is in desperate need of this Spring. As the days are getting longer and the flowers are starting to bloom, it is time to bring freshness and gorgeous florals into your home.

Below are Glasswells 10 simple steps on how to make your home Spring-ready, easily and without the fuss of re-decorating an entire room. Just adding small accessories can completely change the ambience of a room and add that sensational spring vibe to your abode.

1. Fresh fragrances 

One of the first things you associate with spring is that glorious smell of freshly cut grass, the beautiful fragrance of lavender and mint and the subtle aroma of citrus fruits. No home is complete without a signature scent, so add a fresh aroma to your home with the help of Maison Berger home fragrance, guaranteed to tantalise your senses.

With fragrances such as Zest of Verbena, Pure White Tea and Fresh Linen, you are sure to instantly establish that spring aura in your home.

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Maison Berger Pure White Tea

2. Splash of Colour

Why completely redecorate a room when you can add soft furnishings to give a splash in colour? Soft furnishings can be changed to fit the ambience and colour scheme of every season, saving you money and time. This season our brand new co-ordinating range of cushions and recycled cotton throws from Walton & Co will bring the playfulness and brightness that Spring is all about, as well as the sustainability everyone is looking for.

From ocean blues and turquoise, to pretty pinks and purples, to chic terracotta, these cushions are not to be missed and are in high-demand. The boldest and brightest of colours are undoubtedly going to add that pop of colour you are looking for this season and beyond.

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Lido Cushions and Cotton Recycled Throws

3. Breathable Bedding

Wake up with smile on your face every day this Spring with some of our most wanted bed linen and duvets. We love a thick cosy duvet during Winter, but in Spring it is nice to have something lighter to give you some air during the warmer nights.

At Glasswells we have a range of duvet togs for all bed sizes to ensure you can have the best night’s sleep possible. Try a 4.5 duvet tog to keep you cosy at night without the worry of waking up hot and bothered.

The Breathe duvets are perfect for those who desire luxury as well as a duvet that regulates temperature throughout the night.  These fantastic duvets are made from 100% breathable Microfibre and are non-allergenic.

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Breathe 4.5 Tog Duvet

To go with that brand new duvet, we have some exceptional duvet sets and covers to get you in the mood for the sun.

The Plant Life bedding set by Christy is a must-have this season and will definitely add a cheerful start to your day. The small, scattered potted plants are a super cute look against fresh white which adds a hint of minimalism to the design. Invite the outdoors in with this gorgeous bed linen. Also featuring a different coral coloured design on the reverse side, this linen set gives you 2 designs in one for when you would like to change your bed linen and add some extra colour to the room.

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Christy Plant Life Bedding Set

4. Open Up a Room

Did you know that mirrors give the illusion of a larger space? Well it’s true! Adding a mirror to create a statement in a room can in fact make your room seem much more spacious, and can provide more natural lighting to your room to really give your home that fresh and bright feeling.

We have a range of stunning mirrors available such as the Laura Ashley Capri Large range, which is most certainly both light and eye catching, simplistic yet beautiful. They will most definitely provide the brightness you need in your home.

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Laura Ashley Capri Mirrors

5. Freshen Up The Bathroom

Why stop the colour popping with the cushions? With some incredible eye-catching colours in our range of new Christy towels, you are guaranteed to add some striking colours to your bathroom. The Prism Towel range by Christy is made with 100% Turkish cotton to make them extremely absorbent while remaining soft and gentle on the skin.

These gorgeously soft and incredibly durable towels of sunny yellows and outstanding oranges (as well as many other striking colours), will not only last for years, but will also put a smile on your face every time you see them.

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Shop Prism Towel Orangeade
Shop Prism Towel Taxi Cab

6. Decorate Your Walls

Add personality and happiness to your walls, with some beautiful and serene wall art and pictures.

Escape to scenes of serene beaches, feel the warmth of the sun and hear the sea waves dancing together with this gorgeous framed print called ‘Gentle Reader’. This picture will bring the sea to you and ensure you enjoy the season from inside your home.

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Gentle Reader by Karen Hollingsworth

7. Invite Nature Inside

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it is to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. So why not invite the outside in and add some artificial plants to your home to create the perfect spring home and include the desired botanical theme throughout.

Nothing says spring like tulips, so treat yourself to this beautiful, realistic bunch of high-quality artificial flowers, guaranteed to add the finishing touches to any room.

No need to replace them after a few days, these flowers will see you the entire way through the season and for many more years to come.

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Gisela Graham Tulips
Shop Gisela Graham White

8. Sensational Serveware

From your cooked breakfast to your evening meal, serveware gets used all day long in most households; so make sure yours ticks all the boxes. From the very brightly coloured to designs that are a little more classic. Go all out and showcase your personality with our range of kitchen accessories. With Easter just round the corner, why not treat yourself to the perfect serveware to show off to all your family and friends.

With a range of colours from gorgeous greens and beautiful meringue to striking deep teal and volcanic orange and reds, these are absolutely going to put a smile on your face and start your day off the right way!

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Le Cresuet Bamboo Range

9. Lighten Up your Space

Who doesn’t love the spring days, when sunshine seems to be everlasting… The brightness, warmth and ambience isn’t something that should be limited to when we’re outside.

Allow your space to continue that outside ambience throughout the evening whether it be wall lights, table lamps or floor lamps, there are a great variety of different options for you to spoil yourself with at Glasswells today.

The Dempsey table lamp refreshes your homes with its boldness. Handcrafted, the luxurious mustard velvet complements the beautiful antique brass and comes complete with an equally luxurious open weave mustard shade.

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Dempsey Table Lamp

10. Welcoming Entrance

We know how difficult it can be to step inside your home after enjoying a long day in the sun, but with some of the most exceptional door mats at Glasswells, we can make it easier for you. With the cutest bees spread across this beautiful welcome mat, you can be sure to bring the sun and joy into your home, and so can your guests.

For each of these bee mats sold, a 10% donation will be made to charities helping to save the bumble bee. These door mats are hard wearing, non-slip with rubber backing which is ultra-absorbent and are the perfect welcome to your home this season.

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Bee Door Mat Beige

Let’s start the season off the right way and evolve your winter home to one ready for some sun in the fun this season!