Oil Care Kit
Oil Care KitOil Care Kit

Your furniture will look its best and give years of pleasure if looked after with the help of this specially formulated care kit. Cavo Bio -Oil is made especially for light woods that have been treated with oil, such as oak, beech and maple . This organic oil is designed to preserve the surface of your furniture and restore its original appearance. Regular use of this product for oiled wooden furniture extends the life of the wood and prevents it from drying out, making sure you enjoy your furniture for much longer .

Contents: 1 can of Cavo Bio Oil 250ml, Sponge & Instructions

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    "Got this product in August 2018 from the Bury St Edmunds store. Used on oak dining table/chairs and matching sideboard purchased from same store over a decade ago. Very happy with result as was/is my Mrs. Fully recommend the product. Use carefully and sparingly as it is very oily; and smell might be a little strong for some - though our family had absolutely no problem with the smell (and we have a toddler). Tips: (Allow 24 hours to 72 hours for best results) ----- 1. Clean wooden furniture thoroughly i.e. remove dust and other markings. Don't be scared to use suds from warm/hot soapy water (...used washing up liquid) on ink/pen/pencil marks (or other stubborn marks or on the whole furniture if preferred); use normal dish-washing sponge. Dry quickly with soft dry cloth. 2. Leave to air out and dry naturally for at least 1 hour. Depending on: how hot the weather is; aeration of room; and how careful you use soapy water, drying time could be less). I nonetheless suggest giving enough time to ensure all/any moist is completely gone. I used no less than 3 hours drying time for my set and it was a very hot and thankfully breezy day in my neck of the woods. 3. Use sponge provided in kit to apply oil on furniture. Not much is needed, but massage in firmly and thoroughly in the same direction as grain. 4. Leave for 10-15 minutes as directed on product. I though left mine for longer, but kept a watchful eye on it so as to avoid complete drying before wiping. 5. Polish/Wipe thoroughly with soft cloth provided in kit (also in direction of grain). 6. Leave for number of hours recommended on kit before use. Mine was for over the recommended number of hours i.e. overnight. 7. [Optional]. Repeat steps 3-6 if necessary. BUT THERE MAY BE NO NEED TO GET MORE OIL FROM BOTTLE. In my case the sponge looked like it still had oil on/in it and I SIMPLY USED THE SAME SPONGE WITHOUT adding more oil to it; massaging and polishing thoroughly. Dining room furniture is looking pristine as I type and we are looking forward to using product on other oak furniture around the house in due course."
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    Care Kit for Oiled Furniture

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