The best night’s sleep you’ve had for years


There’s nothing more important than a good night’s sleep – something we can promise you’ll get with the huge selection of a bigger bed at Glasswells. From fold out sofa beds, to children’s bunks, bed frames, mattresses and luxury divan sets, our sleep experts will help you find the perfect fit.

Five reasons why a larger bed is better

Do you wake up still tired? This could be down to not enough space in your bed! A larger bed shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, but a necessity.

You spend a THIRD of your life in bed

This means that by the time you are 60 you’ll have spent around 20 years in bed! This is a huge amount of time, so it’s essential that the bed you are in provides a quality night’s sleep. Glasswells sleep experts can help to ensure your new bed is perfectly suited to you, and your partner if you are sharing; not only will this improve sleep quality, but it will also mean your bed and mattress will last you longer.

16 other countries can’t be wrong!

This is how many countries have – on average – larger bed sizes than we do in the UK. Many other European countries sleep in spacious 160cm by 200cm beds, whereas Brits traditionally buy a double (135cm by 190cm). Pop into your local Glasswells to test out the different sizes, once you’ve slept in a king size bed or larger, you’ll never want to go back.

You may not be as slim as you once were..

There’s no easy way to say this, but you may not be as slim as you once were…

As we get older, unfortunately, our bodies change. Did you know that a double bed gives each sleeper just 65cm (2’3”) of sleeping space – this is less than a baby’s cot! A king size bed comes in at 150cm wide (that’s 75cm of space each) and  a super king is 180cm, which is the equivalent of two single beds put together.

People move 60-70 times per night

Once the honeymoon period is over, you really should try to put as much space between yourself and your partner as possible! This will reduce the chance of your sleep being disturbed and should mean you wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Who said romance was dead!

It doesn’t actually cost much more

You may think that going up a size or two would be a lot more expensive, but it really isn’t. Each £100 you spend on a new bed works out as just 3.9p per day over 7 years, a small investment for something so important for aiding your general health and wellbeing. Glasswells often run promotions where you can buy a king size bed for the price of a double bed, making those all-important extra inches even more affordable.

We all spend as much as we can afford on the best possible home, holiday, car and mobile phone, and the same should be said for our beds – it’s our haven, the place we recharge and refresh our bodies and minds. So, if your bed is over seven years old, or not providing the great level of sleep that you deserve, visit your local Glasswells and let our sleep experts guide the way to a perfect night’s sleep.

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