Do you wake up still tired? This could be down to not enough space in your bed! A larger bed shouldn’t be seen as a luxury, but a necessity. Here are five reasons you should upgrade your bed in 2019.

You spend a THIRD of your life in bed



This means that by the time you are 60 you’ll have spent around 20 years in bed! This is a huge amount of time, but its about quality of sleep, not quantity of time spent in bed. Make sure your bed is perfectly suited to you & your partner to improve sleep quality, and also mean your bed & mattress will last you longer.

It doesn’t cost much more

You may think that going up a size or two would be a lot more expensive, but it isn’t. Each £100 you spend on a new bed works out as just 3.9p per day over 7 years.

In our Summer Sale you can get the King size Myers Langdale Divan (and many more models) for the same price as a double!

You may not be as slim as you once were..

A double bed gives each sleeper just 2ft6in or sleeping space. This is 6in smaller than a single bed!

A 2018 study by the British Government stated that almost 30% of the UK adult population is obese. If we are bigger, it makes sense that we need a bigger bed.

People move 60-70 times per night

You want to put as much space between yourself & your partner as possible. This will reduce the chances of your sleep disturbed, and hopefully mean you wake up refreshed & ready for the day ahead!

16 countries can’t be wrong!

This is how many countries have – on average – larger bed sizes than we do in the UK. Brits have traditionally bought more double (135x190cm) beds, although in recent years this has changed slightly and 30% of people are buying king size (150x200cm) or larger.

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