Glasswells offer a professional floor fitting service!

At Glasswells we believe in making things easy for you and we’re proud of the professional fitting service we offer. We fit carpets, laminate, LVT, vinyl and engineered wood flooring all by trusted and dedicated flooring fitters.


Getting your room ready

Depending on which additional services you’ve arranged with us, you may have to make some preparations before our fitter arrives to fit your flooring. Please move all furniture and remove any old flooring  leaving a clear room ready for the fitting. If you’ve booked us to move furniture for you, please clear any objects such as ornaments, and drawer or cupboard contents and strip beds of sheets etc.

What to expect on fitting day

You or your representative will need to be at home, so that our fitter can discuss your requirements and raise any unforeseen issues.

Our fitters will prepare your sub-floor as necessary and lay your new floor or carpet so that it’s just right. When they’ve finished, they’ll remove any excess materials and leave the room looking tidy, so you can start enjoying your beautiful new floor or carpet. 


Engineered Wood, LVT & Laminate Flooring

To ensure that you have the best experience possible with hard flooring it is vital that you have a sub-floor damp and level test. your sales consultant will arrange a separate appointment to check this ahead of the normal installation.

Why is it so important?

Engineered Wood and laminate  is hydroscopic and takes in moisture readily, so dampness in the sub floor can cause the wood to expand affecting its appearance. LVT products require a smoothing compound to be applied to the sub floor ahead of the product installation this also will be affected by damp resulting in the final installation of the product to fail. Extreme problems of damp should be rectified before fitting. An uneven sub floor can cause your new floor to squeak and move, and even cause joints to come apart.

As part of the service here at Glasswells we believe in providing a hard floor that will cause you no problems, which is why we give a FREE sub-floor damp and level test for all types of hard flooring!


hard floor fitting

Free Planning & Estimating                                  

Drop us a message, or come into store!


Underlay & Accessories



Get the most out of your new flooring by using the right underlay.  it will save you money in the long term. Underlay acts as an insulator and will add cushioning and depth of comfort underfoot. We offer underlay to suit any room and any flooring type. Underlay helps prevent the carpet pile from flattening and protects your carpet so it retains its appearance for longer.


 We have a vast range of accessories which are designed to ensure a quick, cost-effective, high quality installation. Also different styles of door bars to give an altrernative up market look for your doorways.


Uplift and disposal

Taking advantage of our uplift and disposal service, we can uplift your old floor covering and take it away to dispose of it.

We do not dispose of carpet in landfill, all carpet disposals are recycled. 

Carpets are made from natural and synthetic fibres, which still have a use once the carpet is no longer wanted they can be used in a wide range of applications from sports surfaces to insulation.


Uplift and Disposal


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