Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap shows the difference between the average earnings of men and women, expressed as a percentage.  Gender Pay Gap reporting is a valuable tool for assessing levels of equality in the workplace. Glasswells is a diverse Company and the majority of its sales are generated from the supply and installation of furniture and carpets. The majority of senior management positions, at present, are taken by male employees; hence our Upper Quartile has a male bias. The handling of furniture in the logistics and warehousing side of the business as well as the installation of floor coverings; historically a male dominated area, continues to attract more interest from male than female applicants. Glasswells also supplies a significant amount of food and beverages through its two restaurants, a trade that conversely, receives more female than male applicants. Our analysis shows that we reward males and females fairly for similar roles, but we do have a greater number of females working in the flexible working hours areas of catering and shop floor counter sales of gifts and linens, which are lower paid roles.

Hourly Rate Gender Pay Gap Calculations

Mean hourly rate pay gap29.0%
Median hourly rate pay gap20.0%

Bonus Gender Pay Gap Calculations

Proportion of Males receiving a bonus98.3%
Proportion of Females receiving a bonus96.7%
Mean bonus pay gap75.7%
Median bonus pay gap55.5%

Proportion of Males and Females in each Quartile Pay Band

Upper Quartile


Upper-Mid Quartile


Lower-Mid Quartile


Lower Quartile


Glasswells will continue to encourage quality applications from both males and females in all sectors of the business and continue to be an equal opportunities employer.