Kim BackhouseWe are delighted to introduce Kim Backhouse as our brand new Interior Designer. Kim will be working alongside the Soft Furnishings team with Debbie in our stunning new Design Centre.

Kim has a background in creative art and a BA (Hons) degree in Applied Interior Design. Prior to Glasswells she was employed as a Design Consultant and Window Display Visualiser. Starting out in fashion retail, she then transferred her interests in colour and style to interiors. Drawing has always been a passion which she has more recently utilised with commissions for architectural and vehicle watercolour illustrations. These skills have been extremely useful when putting together design schemes, especially in the early sketching stage of the design process.


She also brings to the role a sound working knowledge of a fantastic 3D computer programme known as SketchUp. This allows Kim to construct our customers chosen room using gathered survey measurements, giving a 360-degree tour of the space and the ability to add textures from around the store to show fabrics, wallpaper, furniture, lighting, flooring and accessories.


Yr 1 Haverhill Cafe KimI find both hand drawn and digital disciplines complement each other well; enabling prospective clients to get a feel and appreciation for their desired interior space, along with personalised concept/sample boards and advice. I feel I can offer a good all round view of any bespoke interior to assist our customers with their design challenges and help them finalise their purchases.”

We are very pleased to have Kim as part of the Glasswells team, and can’t wait to see what she designs for customers in the future!

3D sketchYr 1 Jam Factory Kim














All work shown property of Kim Backhouse.