Deciding on bedroom furniture for children is easy with our style guide. Here are some basic principles that will help you to plan the perfect new bedroom for a new baby, child or young teen. Start with a few simple pieces and add as you go so that your room develops with your child.

Baby Sweet Dreams

Fitting out a nursery for a new baby means creating a dreamy space with simple shapes and splashes of primary colour. The Krib Collection is non-fussy with stylish lines that look good with any colour. Their furniture includes large, practical doors that make it easy to see inside and find what you need. The Krib blanket box is ideal for storing large quantities of baby changing equipment out of sight, while being accessible. The simple lines are easy to enhance with some colourful matching curtains, or bright cot covers. A touch-control lamp will avoid scrabbling for the switch while feeding baby.  While baby is small there is no need for a tall wardrobe, so enjoy low-level storage with a pair of three drawer chests: one for clothes and one for toiletries and blankets. Why not hang some soothing landscapes or water scenes to the walls for ultimate relaxation?

Toddler Space

Bedroom furniture for pre-schoolers should be sturdy, hard wearing and easy to clean. With toys being repeatedly pulled out and put away again, furniture doors will be opened and closed constantly. The Stompa range is built to stand up to any lively toddler and it’s strong enough for story time with Mum or Dad too. The Stompa Curve and Curve Deluxe can be a fairy palace or superhero headquarters with the flick of a duvet cover for playtimes and it can revert to a clean and tidy look for bedtime!

School Days

Add a desk and taller wardrobe and if floor space is tight, go upwards with our huge range of imaginative cabin beds by Stompa. The space saving Stompa Spectrum bunks beds, has more floor space for playing and doubles as a useful spare bed for visitors and sleep-overs.

There’s room for a TV and computer table, with a snug sofa under for a few best friends to keep up with Peppa Pig.  Choose some lively feature panels in pink, blue, purple or grey, giving them space to be creative.

Teenage chill-out zone

Bedroom furniture that can be transformed with a few big cushions and a sofa throw, into a hang out zone for computer games, or to chill out with mates. The clean lines of our Teen Furniture would look just as good in a studio flat or loft conversion when they move on to Uni in a few years’ time.

The Krib Urban Black is a popular choice with boys and girls, along with the Dakota Concrete collection and the Krib Kaschmir and white collection.  Add in some statement fabrics in a bold stripe or check design and you have a perfect teen-scene.  The open style storage can be used to display books or cosmetics, with a double chest at the base of the bed, which will be used as a table as well as storage for study books and sports kits.