Fitting Magiglides to your furniture and appliances gives you the freedom to move whatever you want whenever you want. These easy to fit self adhesive magiglides are available in a wide choice of shapes and sizes.

For Magiglides to work correctly it is important that you select the correct shape and size of glider. You should select a glider that is slightly smaller than that of your furniture or appliance foot. Once applied we recommend that you wait 15 minutes for the bond to set.

Magiglide 20mm round self adhesive, pack size 8

  • Easy fit self adhesive pads
  • Once fitted there is no need to remove
  • Gives you ease of movement & complete floor protection
  • Best results use the same size or smaller than the furniture foot
  • 2 year guarantee

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"product ok. What more can one say about a pack of small gliders, but I could say a lot more about the feedback procedure.
It's cumbersome and unnecessary for small items purchased on line"
Star Rating 4
"A useful product to make it easier to move furniture around"
Star Rating 5

MagiGlide 20mm Round Self Adhesive 8 Pack

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Begin by choosing the right MagiGLIDE™Fitting Magiglide's will allow you to move your furniture and appliances with absolute ease. To work correcty it is important that you choose the right type and size of MagiGLIDE™ for your furniture or appliance.


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