The baby & toddler sleep aid you’ve been waiting for

Brand new to our website, the Moonie helps babies and toddlers to:

  • Fall asleep gently
  • Fall asleep for longer
  • Develop a proper sleeping routine earlier
  • Calm down faster
  • Overcome colic

The Humming Really Works?

The soothing sounds have been carefully selected based on pediatric research. The gentle humming sounds remind your baby of conditions in the womb. It also helps during deeper sleep by muffling any external sounds and minimising waking during the night. Tests on thousands of children have proven that the hum really works. The smart cry detector activates the humming noise as soon as baby starts crying, and turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

Moonie’s Night Lamp

Its glowing belly helps your children to overcome their fear of darkness, and the night lamp can be on even when the sound is switched off. Each Moonie bunny has 7 colours of light you can choose from, but don’t worry – the LED lamp does not warm up and is totally safe for children.

Moonie Grows With Your Child

Gentle sounds soothe your baby from birth, and the night light belly can help in baby’s night care without the need for an extra light. Moonie converts to a night lamp when the need for the humming noise ends. The colourful, glowing belly is great fun for toddlers to play with, and Moonie is ideal for hugging and will be a best friend for years to come.

Moonie is completely non-toxic, is charged through a USB cable (included with each one), and the inner sound module is removable making it machine washable too. Moonie is also available in 5 gorgeous neutral colours, something to go with each nursery’s colour scheme.


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