Caring for your garden can be a great form of mindfulness.

By connecting with the earth and having a physical connection with the soil it can provide real benefits for your physical and mental health. During the lockdown we believe that it is more important than ever to find your inner calm and look after yourself, so we have put together some tips and advice to help you enjoy your garden even more.

Turn off your phone and breathe

It’s easy to get distracted, especially if a task doesn’t give you instant results. Stop the distractions and make sure your phone is switched off and out of sight. Scientists have found that spending just two hours a week in nature is linked to better health and wellbeing so give yourself the time to truly immerse yourself in your garden. Focus on your breathing and body and listen to the surroundings. While away these lazy days in a comfortable seating spot and listen to nature. Birdsong positively impacts on our overall levels of wellbeing, and time spent listening to the natural world has proven to have a direct impact on how we feel. Feeding birds will attract them to your garden so hang some feed close by to your quiet seating area.

Follow your instinct and don’t look at the clock

If something feels right just go for it. In the pursuit of mindfulness there is no need to overly think. Let your instincts take over – listen to yourself and what feels right. It’s your garden – enjoy it however you want – there is no right or wrong.

Focus on the task in hand

Give your gardening time your whole attention. A lot of gardening is ‘mindless’ work – like weeding a bed and cutting the grass, but there is so much mental value in making a mindless task mindful. Don’t think about your worries, focus on the task in hand – the way the weeds feel in your fingers, the smell of the freshly cut grass and the sound of birdsong and nature. Remember to reward your hard work – preparing meals in the garden is a great way to relax at the end of a busy day.

Get creative

Creativity is used across the world in countless ways to improve morale, spread joy and improve wellbeing. Gardening nurtures creativity. Planning what plants to put in a border, arranging pots or digging a new bed all boosts creativity and in turn will boost your mood.

Clear up any negativity and get weeding

Clearing away the weeds is a great way to pull out the stresses in your life. Remove negative thoughts from your mind by letting go and tossing away unwanted weeds. The more you pull the lighter you will feel, it’s pure catharsis!


Glasswells has hundreds of quality outdoor products that will help caring for your garden and is now offering local one-man delivery so you can feel safe in the knowledge your delivery is in safe hands.

But how can you get some new plants to brighten up your garden?  Well thanks to the ingenuity of many garden centres they now have new fully-illustrated, online ordering with many operating a home delivery service. To help find the right one for you the Royal Horticultural Society has a special section on where to buy plants in lockdown

Buying: mail order plants

Help and advice

If you’re caring for your garden or need some tips of what to plant where, there are a multitude of advice pages online from newspapers, such as The Telegraph that has just introduced a new Telegraph gardening newsletter:

They are also offering some comprehensive gardening tips:


Happy gardening from all of us at Glasswells! Stay safe and stay at home.