Renu, the flooring underlay the world has been waiting for

With 167,000 tonnes of waste being sent to landfill every year, here at Glasswells we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products that offer environmentally friendly solutions – and we’ve found that with Renu underlay.

Research has verified that 79% of the public are not aware of any underlay which is recyclable or that incorporates recyclable materials, and in fact 88% would chose an underlay which is eco-friendly over a brand which says no to recycling.

Well, now you need not worry, with the brand new underlay Renu. A member of the number one brand Tredaire, bringing you comfort, warmth and a guaranteed homely feel to your household. Made in the United Kingdom, this product reduces carbon output which is created by international shipping.  Made from 98% recyclable materials which make up the high density foam, Renu is guaranteed to provide your feet the heavenly satisfaction they deserve throughout the entire home. There is green… and then there is Renu.

What is Renu made of, and how Is It Made?

The main body of the underlay is produced from foam retrieved from recycled soft furnishings, and the backing is made from 100% recycled and unbleached paper. Vegetable-based inks are used for all the printing, ensuring preventing any more harm and damage to forests by using water based inks. The backing film used on Renu is made from an ethically produced, carbon-negative bio-based film which originates from sugar cane. The sugar cane releases oxygen whilst simultaneously capturing and reducing CO2 from the atmosphere.  This recyclable bio-based film/100% recycled plastic is also utilised for the packaging, constantly striving to use the most environmental friendly options possible.

What are the features of Renu?

With a high-tog rating, Renu is not only bringing you comfort, but aiding you by being an insulator to your home, providing warmth and saving energy. Furthermore, the high sound absorption ensures that you can walk in serenity throughout your home and avoid any nuisance floorboard creaks and squeaks. So.. where is the catch?

There isn’t one! You can enjoy this brand new luxurious underlay which conforms to British standards from just £9.99 per square metre. The high-density foam which is 9mm thick, ensures the protection of your carpet from premature wear meaning your carpet will last even longer than it has previously.  And the best thing about it (if you can even pick one thing) is that once you are finished with it, it is able to be fully recycled once again. Isn’t that just fantastic?

So, whether it is comfort and luxury you are looking for within your home, or something green and environmentally friendly, you can be sure that Renu will exceed your expectations and have your guests coming to you for recommendations.

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