One of the most popular trends to date; the Scandi trend is one that everybody has been asking and searching for.

With a focus on stunningly simple and clean lines, it features minimalism and functionality without sacrificing beauty.

In traditional Scandinavian design native wood is used for flooring and furniture with its beautiful clean lines, adding contrast to neutral and bright walls.

Calming earthy tones and materials such as luxurious linen, stone and wool are used to add discreet finishing touches.

Neutral colours of greys, whites and muted tones of sand keep the room soft and light whilst maintaining a cosy and warm ambience.

Open spaces with perfect white walls, minimal decorations and a serene atmosphere are all common features of this trend. Find all you could possibly want and so much more at Glasswells’ Winter Sale today!

Find the Perfect Scandi Feel:

Luscious Lugo

Beauty, simplicity and durability, Ercol’s Lugo Dining collection has clear references to these incredible Scandinavian sensibilities.  This timeless, yet contemporary furniture collection has a soft linear quality with slim tapered legs ensuring this is an incredible collection to own.

Each piece illustrates the perfect blend of curves and clean lines, creating a streamlined dining look, which is classic-contemporary. Slim frames and shiny surfaces create a sense of space, offsetting the heaviness of the wood’s dark stain finish and creating the dreamiest of Scandi feels to your home.

Lugo Dining Collection

Sublime Stressless

Stressless Stella 2 Seater Sofa

Creating incredibly cosy furniture since the 1930s, Stressless combines a love for serenity with high-quality manufacturing to create the brilliant range of Stressless chairs and sofas we know and love today; and our state-of-the-art spectacular show room illustrates this!

Introduced in 1971, Stressless chairs were the first recliner designed to meet your body’s need for movement and support when seated. Furniture should be many things: comfortable, gorgeous, functional – and also intelligent.

These unique recliners respond to your body to give you exactly the support you need and have patented features for movement and comfort that you won’t find on any other product.

The contemporary, mesmerising modular Stressless Stella sofa is a must for the perfect Scandi feel to your home! This beautiful slick sofa responds to every movement, allowing you to become one with the chair the moment you sit back to relax; and is available in gorgeous stylish colours. Make your home the showpiece you deserve it to be!

Exquisite Barnham Bedroom Collection

Illustrating clean, slick contemporary lines the Barnham Collection is a true contender within the Scandi trend for 2022.

With its timeless appeal and functional finishing touches throughout, which ensure it meets the needs of modern lifestyles, the Barnham Bedroom Range will establish style and practicality within your home.

The creative and beautiful use of beech solids, finished in a perfectly distinct fusion of light oak with a contrasting dark tone grey, ensures this spectacular collection provides a stylish and modern look to any bedroom setting.

This range naturally and gorgeously exemplifies a casual yet chic aesthetic, with its combination of precise sloped frames, striking drawer recesses provided on all cabinets and a fashionable upholstered bed in a glorious grey fabric with horizontal stitching.

Barnham Bedroom Collection

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