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Scientifically Advanced Comfort

Sealy are the creators of high-quality beds and mattresses, designed to add comfort and style to every bedroom. The range of Sealy beds and mattresses here at Glasswells includes some of their best-selling divan beds, as well as some of their most popular mattresses, boasting the renowned comfort and support every Sealy mattress provides. Visit your local showroom today and see the exceptional products we have to offer.

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Sleep Scientifically

Sealy are constantly innovating to provide the best sleep experience for their thousands of satisfied customers. They have a simple equation: Science + Support = a great night’s sleep, and more energy in the morning! Their unique Posturepedic technology provides a precise level of support exactly where you need it, ensuring you have a deeper sleep, so not only will your bed perform at its best, but you will too!

Over 100 Years of Development

With more than a century’s worth of development, innovation and technology going into every bed and mattress, Sealy really have earned the accolade of being the world’s number one bed brand. Since 1881, they have been proud to be a crucial part of routines across the world. With a mattress for every type of sleep, life really does feel better when you begin your day with that Sealy feeling.

Spread The Cost

When you think of exceptional products crafted from the finest materials, it is easy to immediately think about the cost. At Glasswells, we feel that a luxury bed shouldn’t be a luxury, but a pleasant investment in years of rejuvenated mornings. This is why when you buy a Sealy bed or mattress with us, you can spread the cost over up to 48 months, with Glasswells flexible Finance options available online and in store.

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