National Bed Month – Wake up on the right side, with the right bed

March; the month of pancakes, red noses, mothers and last but by no means least … BEDS!

March is National Bed Month and Glasswells have started it off with a bang by becoming a National Bed Federation Retail Champion. The NBF is the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and their aim is to nationally and internationally be the voice of the UK bed industry.

Glasswells strive to provide the best service and products available to our customers. You can’t see the inside of a mattress, so it is our job to ensure we provide you with the most trustworthy information we can to help you find the perfect mattress for you.

As retail champion, you can be completely assured that the beds and mattresses you buy are everything they say they are; superbly sustainable, durable, pristine and most importantly, contain exactly what you are told they do.

March’s Marvellous Promotions

To celebrate this incredible achievement, we have some tremendous promotions throughout this month for customers to take advantage of. Why don’t you come into our store today and be tempted by what we have to offer… we know you want to!

Emma Mattresses

Take advantage of up to 50% off Emma’s outstanding mattresses at Glasswells today across the Diamond, Helix and Smart ranges.

Emma Diamond Mattress

Harrison Spinks

With a half price drawer offer on Wisteria, Snowdrop, Hollyhock, Lavender and Gardenia beds, this is not one to miss.

Wisteria Seasonal Turn Divan Bed

Health Beds

Get half price off drawers on the superior and cushioning Gel Comfort 1000 and Gel Comfort 3500.

Gel Comfort 1000 2 Drawer


Take advantage of an extra 10% off all Relyon headboards, available in our stores now.

Relyon Harlequin Headboard

Hypnos Beds

A mind-blowing offer from the prestigious Hypnos Beds –  Glasswells are offering a free mattress upgrade to our customers.

Treat yourself to a king size mattress for the price of a double on mattresses and divan sets including the Walbury, Saunderton, Ortho Supreme, Ortho Sublime, Larkspur beds.

Hypnos Walbury Divan Set

Highgrove Beds

2 fantastic free drawers on the Halo Natural 2000 divan bed, Grange Natural Ortho 1000 divan bed, Dalton Ergosense 1000 divan bed and the new Mayfair Natural 1000 divan bed. Add storage space without the added price.

We are also offering an incredible free headboard with the Buddy Guest bed, available in beautiful colours and with guaranteed quick delivery.

Highgrove Dalton Ergosense

Wake up on the right side, with the right bed

The last couple of years has seen people really thinking about how to improve their personal wellbeing and living environment.

Sleeping on a comfortable supportive bed plays a crucial part in achieving a healthy night’s sleep, which has huge benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing – helping us to wake up on the #RightSideOfTheBed in the morning.

Here are some of Glasswells’ tips on how to ensure you get the perfect night’s sleep:

1) When buying a new bed, ensure you have the size of your previous one. Measurements are essential in ensuring you find the bed to fit your room perfectly.

2) We advise to choose the biggest bed which can fit comfortably into your room. The more room you have means fewer disturbances, which results in a better night seep.

3) Do you have any specific requirements? Do you want natural fillings? Do you require a non-turn mattress? Do you require it to be hypo-allergenic? Is storage a must?

4) It is also essential to try before you buy, as only you can tell whether or not the mattress will support you correctly. At Glasswells, we have an enormous range of mattresses which you can try in our beautiful showrooms before you buy, to ensure you will have the dreamiest of sleeps.

5) Choose the firmness level of your mattress based on your needs and preferences i.e.: soft, medium and firm.

6) And remember, ask if it is made by an approved NBF member. This way you can be sure it’s safe, clean and contains exactly what it says it does.

Meet with our Experts

At Glasswells, our experts are on hand all day to ensure we provide service that is second to none, ensuring that you find the ideal bed and mattress for yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry!

We have something for everyone, and with the incredible promotions available until the end of the month, what are you waiting for?

Come to our Bury St Edmunds or Ipswich showroom and start your journey to the heavenly night’s sleep you deserve.

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