Buying a sofa can be a time consuming task as you ponder all the possible options available on the market and sit on countless sofas until you find one that matches your specific match.
Once you have gone through this process its time to really start enjoying your brand new sofa!
This list is not entirely scientific, but useful none the less.
Here is our top 8 ways to best enjoy a new sofa.

hot drink on sofa8. The “first cuppa” test
Once your sofa has been delivered, unpacked and positioned in the right place by our delivery drivers, its probably a good idea to try our your new sofa in your home.
Before you go and take a seat, ensure you have a nice cup of coffee or tea to ensure you maximise the enjoyment and comfort of that first moment you sit on your new sofa.

Family-movie7. The “family movie” test
There is a high chance your new sofa is in front of the TV, where the TV is the central point at which people gather in your home.
A new comfortable large sofa, corner sofa or 3 piece suit might be a good reason for celebration, a good family movie may well be the best way to enjoy and try out your new sofa.

6. The “shoes off at the end of the day” test
More specifically putting your feet up then kicking your shoes off whilst relaxing at the end of a long day.
This is always good to try out if you have had a particularly hard day. So for full effect, save this one for a really bad day!

good-book5. The “reading a good book” test
Reading a book will be a task that takes up a lot of your time, so sitting on a sofa is a good way to assess how comfortable your new sofa is, and allow you to assess the different positions that you may find yourself in.
By the time you finish your book (make sure its a good one) you will know exactly what seat is your preference to keep prying children or other halves away from your favored side.

4. The “pet on the sofa” test
Part of enjoying your sofa, is knowing that everyone in your house enjoys it too, including your pets!
Its always a good idea that if you have pets, allowing them time to get to know their new sofa. How do they react to it?
If they are opting to sit on it at night-time then you will know for sure you have a comfortable sofa. After all we are not paying your pets to sit there and make it seem more comfortable than it is.
Introducing your pets to your new sofa will let them know this new object in the house is not evil, and may reduce the chance of them damaging it.
A blanket temporarily on one cushion of the sofa might be a good way to reduce risk further and allow your pet their own space.

cozy-up3. The “cozy up” test
This might be a natural thing to try as you get to know your new sofa. Remember that your new sofa is going to be here with you for a long time, now that you have bought a quality sofa from us. So its worth getting to know the best and most comfortable positions you and your partner can find on your new sofa.

Cold-night2. The “cold night” test
In the winter it can get really cold in your home, and there is nothing nicer than having a warm fire, or a blanket to keep you warm while you relax on the sofa.
How does your sofa meet your comfort needs of a cold evening? A recliner might allow you to put your feet up a little closer to the fire, you could even try a nice glass of wine to celebrate your new arrival just be careful with those new fabrics and the red wine!

sleeping on sofa1. The “sofa nap” test
We have all done it, you are sitting there on your sofa then suddenly you feel a little tired. Maybe it was the big lunch you had or too many cakes at our restaurant at lunch time. Maybe the sofa is so comfortable you just cant help yourself!
Whatever your reason for wanting a quick sleep on the sofa, there is no better feeling and better way to test out the comfort of your sofa than having a little sleep on it!