Christmas is just a week away & no doubt you’ve got friends and family over for a few drinks & nibbles. This classic Yule log recipe is perfect for kids & adults alike and makes a delicious alternative for those who don’t like Christmas pudding!

For the cake:

  • 6 Eggs – Separated
  • 150g Caster Sugar
  • 1tbsp Vanilla Extract
  • 55g Cocoa Powder
  • Icing Sugar (For Dusting)
  • Butter (For Greasing)

For the filling & icing:

  • 150g Mascarpone Cheese
  • 50ml Double Cream
  • 2 tbsp Icing Sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp Vanilla Extract
  • 100g Dark Chocolate
  • 160g Softened Butter
  • 150g Icing Sugar

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Line a Swiss roll tin with baking parchment, leaving around 5cm overhang. Brush the base with melted butter.

Put your egg whites in a mixing bowl. Add a generous pinch of salt. Whisk the ingredients until they form peaks, & set aside.

Take another mixing bowl – add the yolks, vanilla and sugar & beat until pale & mousse like. Sift in the cocoa powder, and add in a big spoonful of the egg whites. Gradually add the remaining egg whites, and pour into the Swiss roll tin. Spread out in an even layer & bake for 20 minutes, or until risen & firm to the touch.

While the cake is baking, place a clean tea towel on your surface & lightly dust with icing sugar. Remove the cake from the oven & allow to cool for a few minutes. Turn out on to the tea towel & peel off the baking parchment. Carefully roll the cake up in the towel along the long edge.

To make the filling, beat the mascarpone in to a bowl. Add the double cream, 2 tbsp of icing sugar & 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract. or the icing, melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Stir occasionally, then leave to cool slightly. In another bowl, mix the butter with the melted chocolate, then add the icing sugar. Chill this mixture for 10 minutes.

Unroll the cooled cake. Spread your filling evenly over the cake, leaving a few centimetres on each short edge. Roll the cake back up along the long edge & place on a plate. Cover the roll with your icing.

Decorate your Yule log as you wish. We have opted for plain icing, but you can sprinkle with icing sugar, use a fork to create a ‘bark’ effect, or even make a marshmallow snowman!

Now all that’s left to do is chill your Yule log in the fridge until you’re ready to serve, and enjoy!