7 Tips to Create Your Perfect Bedroom by Sarah Norris

1. Creating a floor plan, however crude is essential. Choose the largest bed you can realistically accommodate. Bedframes add to the overall dimensions so don’t forget to include them and if your bedroom is small, a low foot-end will give the illusion of more space.
Divans have evolved in recent years and now include a wonderful selection of fabrics with stunning headboards.
2. Clever storage will help create a clutter free environment to aid relaxation. Ottoman beds are great if you are limited for space; if not a blanket box looks super at the end of a bed and doubles up as a seat.
3. Colour affects our mood, so choose a soft or neutral palette to reduce stress and prepare the body for sleep. If you like strong colours try to limit them to your accessories such as cushions.
4. Think about your lighting requirements in the early stages so that any rewiring can be done prior to decorating. Table lamps create atmosphere and if you are replacing your bulbs choose LED’s in a warm white, they use substantially less energy and are softer.
5. Make the most of the natural light you have and think carefully about the effect curtains will have. Consider blackout lining if early morning or street light disturbs your sleep and if a radiator is positioned below the window you can still enjoy full length dress curtains with a working blind inside the recess. Voiles defuse strong light and also give you privacy.
6. You can add drama with an oversized headboard, pretty chandelier or upholstered chair.
7. Embrace natural fabrics like linen, cotton and silk. They may require a little extra care but are worth it. Ironing your cotton bedlinen whilst damp will save time and produce a much more satisfactory result.