It MAY Be Time for a New Mattress

Have you been sleeping on a 7+ year old mattress? Are you waking up aching or unrefreshed? For your hygiene and health, it may be time to replace your mattress with a fully supportive and utterly comfy brand-new one. Discover our top tips for identifying when it's time to replace your mattress and sleep through the night like never before.

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Choosing a mattress is an extremely personal and important choice but luckily, here at Glasswells, we have a huge selection of mattresses here at incredible value; all of them are from trusted brands, Emma, Hypnos, ViSpring and Relyon just to name a few, who always provide unbeatable quality and style to every home.

As Winners of The National Bed Federation’s 2022 Bed Show, for Outstanding Bed Department of the Year and also Large Retailer of the Year, you are sure to purchase safe, clean and honest ‘NBF Approved’ mattresses with confidence from Glasswells. 

No matter your requirements, our Sleep Lab is sure to have the perfect mattress for you, whether you are looking for pocket spring, memory foam, open coil mattresses or something in between. Why not take a look at our express delivery mattresses, if you require something urgently? We display a huge array of tensions, sizes, depths and prices, so find the best choice for your wellbeing within our range today.

Visit your local Glasswells store today to try out our fabulous range for yourself. Our sleep experts are on hand to answer any questions and will ensure you make the best choice for you. Transform your sleep at Glasswells Sleep Lab and sleep like never before.

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10th May 2023

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