At Glasswells we aim to help you choose the perfect bed for you. It is recommended that you change every seven years, as endorsed by the National Bed Federation. People often keep their beds or mattress beyond this and then have to replace them for the wrong reasons, such as back pain, worn outer cover, tired fillings and a lack of support.

To make the experience as stress free as possible, it is best to follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, consider your current mattress. Do you still find it comfortable, or has your comfort level changed? Everyone is different, and we will take all your comfort needs into consideration.

  • Next, you need to try out some mattresses. Allow plenty of time for this, and make sure you remove any coats if possible. If you share a bed, it is important for both people to try the mattresses, as what is perfect for you, may be not so great for your partner. If you truly cannot agree on a mattress tension, we even stock dual tension mattresses!
    Why not check out our selection of mattresses online before visiting our store?

  • Another aspect of mattress comfort is how much space you have. This is an area where size really does matter, and you should always go for the largest mattress size your room will allow, to ensure you have enough room to stretch out & roll over.

  • Although most mattresses look similar from the outside, it is what’s on the inside that counts. Do you or your partner turn a lot during the night? If so, a pocket sprung mattress is a good choice for you, and the higher the spring count, the more support it offers. Some mattresses with include a mixture of springs & memory foam, adding an extra layer of comfort & softness to the mattress.


Feels soft, & has the ability to absorb moisture.


Naturally resilient fibre. Breathable. Fire retardant.


Used for their cushioning & moulding effects.


Synthetic material with good recovery properties.

Horse Hair

A highly resilient material, gives a springy effect.

Coir Fibre Pads

Made from coconut fibre. Used to prevent the spring being felt.

Silk, Cashmere & Mohair

Used for a luxury feel & for insulation.

Once your mattress is sorted, it’s time to consider the bed itself. A lot of this choice will come down to aesthetics & storage options.

If you are pushed for space, then a divan could be good for you. There are several different storage options:

  • Sprung Edge – These feature a complete open coil or pocket sprung unit mounted on the divan base. Arguably the most luxurious option, they provide an extra source of support across the mattress & acts like a giant shock absorber. This creates a softer feel, and takes some of the strain off the mattress, which can make the mattress last longer.
  • Platform Top – These have no springs to help support the mattress, and have a rigid top panel often made from hardboard. This is often then upholstered, with padding on top. These bases are often firmer & cheaper than the sprung edge, and are good for use with orthopaedic mattresses.

These come in a wide variety of styles. They are available in wood, metal or plastic, and can even be upholstered. This is where your decision mainly comes down to aesthetics & what will work well in your room.
You will need to take in to consideration the mattress support. Bedsteads can have fixed or sprung slats, a metal grid or woven wire. You should always try to test out your chosen mattress on your chosen bedstead for comfort.


Once your bed & mattress is sorted, it’s time to consider the finishing touches. Click the pictures below for our full range of duvets, pillows, bed linen & headboards.