Measuring Guide For Curtains & Blinds

Measuring for your windows can be a minefield. Let us take the work out of it for you with this simple, step-by-step measuring guide for curtains & blinds.

When measuring, be sure to follow these handy tips:

  • Make sure the pole/track is fitted to the wall before taking measurements
  • Use a metal tape measure, as fabric ones can stretch
  • State your measurements to the nearest mm, ensuring a good match

First, you will need to decide where you want your curtains to finish. Do you want them to sit:
On the window sill
Below the window sill (allowing 1cm clearance for any radiators)
Level with the floor (allowing 1cm clearance from the ground)

If you are having Tab-Top Curtains:
You will need to measure from the very top of your pole to ensure the correct drop.
If you are having Eyelet Curtains:
You will need to measure from the top of your pole. Please add 3cm (or 1.25in) to your measurements. Your curtains are made slightly longer, as eyelet curtains are intended to sit above the pole.

The valance track must be beyond the curtain track to allow the curtains to hang freely. A minimum of 2.5cm either side of the curtain track is recommended.

Width – Measure the complete length of the track.
Length – Measure the length from the top of the track to the point you want your curtains to end (for tips, see ‘Curtain Drop’).

Width – Measure the length of the pole visible between the two finials (pole ends).
Length – Measure from the bottom of the ring to the point where you want your curtains to finish (for tips, see ‘Curtain Drop’). This will ensure the pole remains visible once the curtains are hung.

Width – Add both halves of the track measurements (a + b on the diagram).
Length – Measure from the top of the track to the point you want your curtains to finish (for tips see ‘Curtain Drops’).

When measuring for a blind to fit inside your recess, it is advisable to measure in 3 places top, middle and bottom. This is just in case the window recess is irregular. Watch out for obtrusions into the recess, such as dado rails and tiling.
Give the smallest exact measurement for both width and length of the recess, with no deductions.

Decide how much you want your blind to overlap the recess at each side. This includes the brackets. Then decide how much you would like them to overlap, top and bottom.
Please note, most manufacturers recommend a minimum of 5cm on each side.